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In Australia, there are hundreds of thousands of lost, abandoned and unwanted animals at any one time, and sadly many of these never find a loving home. By desexing your pet, you can do your part to prevent unwanted pregnancies, which result in unwanted litters and add to our already overcrowded animal shelters. It reduces the risk of reproductive diseases, cancers and infections of the reproductive organs in both males and females (e.g. testicular cancer, prostate enlargement, breast cancer, cystic ovaries, and ovarian tumors). It can also prevent behavioral problems such as aggressive and antisocial behavior (e.g. spraying indoors), as well as prevent your pet from wandering to find a mate (this can lead to your pet fighting with other animals, being involved in a road accident, etc.). In addition to this, repeated breeding takes a massive toll on any female’s body and can cause nutritional and physical exhaustion. Basically, a desexed pet can live a much longer and healthier life!

The main concern of Algester Vet’s team is the health and safety of your furry baby, which is why the fully qualified vets and nurses endeavor to carry out any procedure as though they were performing them on our own pets. This is why we use human-grade anesthetic agents, we have a nurse using anesthetic monitoring equipment to monitor your pet at all times during the procedure, and we use a heated surgery table and heated bedding on recovery to prevent hypothermia. For more information on desexing procedures and prices, please contact the friendly team at the clinic.

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