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Meet Dr. Shibly!

Dr Shibly is a Senior Veterinary Surgeon, who has been in practice for 17 years, having worked in general, referral and emergency settings.  

Dr Shibly is Australian-born but grew up in South Africa on farmland with his family and two dogs (a German Shepherd and a Pug).


After being exposed to so many different types of animals, including a lot of wildlife, Shibly decided that he wanted to dedicate his life to looking after them and their owners. He loves putting a smile on owners’ faces and knowing that he can alleviate some of the concerns they have about their furry family.


Shibly gained his Bachelor of Veterinary Science with Honours at University of Queensland. Shibly then spent four years working and travelling through Southern Africa and the UK, mainly looking after wildlife and pocket pets. It was at this point that he realised his passion for companion animals, and the bond between pets and their owners. 


Dr Shibly is currently focused on helping Pet Parents become Proactive with their pet's care, so that everyone in the household can enjoy happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives. 

Every school holiday Dr Shibly hosts an interactive workshop for kids in Logan teaching them how to be Junior Vets. 

More About Dr Shibly!


Dr Shibly is a VetX Australia- Pacific Mentor.

VetX International exists to help humans get along so workplaces thrive. They are innovation and technology-led business committed to improving the lives of everyone in the global veterinary medicine family. The first part of our mission is all about teaching people the skills needed to thrive in their roles. For vets, this means non-clinical skills and for practice management, this means leadership skills. 

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Partnered with the Hurricane Stars Club to share his passion for pets with children through the "Be a Junior Vet" program, more than 150 children wanting to register to attend the program.

"Dr Shibly is passionate about inspiring the next generation of children to care for creation to the best of our ability." - The Hurricane Stars Club


Dr Shibly has written a short e-book for pet owners who wants to be an organised, structured, stress-free pet owner, who takes control, and showers their pet with love and stable home life.

Download the free copy here!



Dr Shibly Mustapha has shared with us his top advice on getting through this crisis together with your fur-friend while slamming the 'misinformation' surrounding pets and COVID-19.


Alumni advice: time to start physically distancing from your pet!

Veterinarian and UQ graduate Dr Shibly Mustapha (Bachelor of Veterinary Science (Honours) '03) shares his top tips for managing your pet’s stress levels, and for helping them adjust when you go back to work.

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Guest speaker at Piccolo Podcasts in conversation with Genene Wilson from Finesse Financial  - How can you and your fur babies have a happy healthy life and save some money in the process? 

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