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Top 9 Dog Parks In Brisbane


 All within 30 minutes’ drive of Brisbane City, there are a handful of state forests, numerous Brisbane City Council-owned parks, wetlands, waterways, and bush-lands where our four-legged friends are permitted to hike along their owners on designated trails (unless a sign is posted at the front of the park stating otherwise). 


In this article, we will list down the top dog walks and parks around Brisbane where you can accompany your adorable pooches!

1. South Bank Loop 


Are you looking for a riverside stroll with a lot of shaded trees? Take your dog on the Brisbane City South Bank Loop! 


The trail runs along the southside of the Brisbane River below the Gallery of Modern Art, Queensland Art Gallery, under Victoria Bridge and on through South Bank Parklands.


2. Toohey Forest Park 

Still great for people who love shady areas, the Toohey Forest Park is great set-up ideal for jogging and/or dog-walking! The tracks connect with the bushland grounds of Griffin University, 10 km south of Brisbane CBD. However, they are home to native wildlife including wallabies; so, keep your pooch on its leash.



3. Sherwood Forest Park 

Up for a variety of trails? The 15-ha Sherwood Forest Park offers no less than two lakes, long-winded hills, wide meadows, boardwalks, playgrounds, and bridges. You can even stop for a rest on the riverside path at former lord mayor Jim Soorley’s “Sorry Seat”. 


This slice of bliss overlooks the Brisbane River opposite the Lone Pine koala sanctuary. P.S. The Sherwood Arboretum has 1100 shade trees representing 300 species!



4. Riverside Dog Park 


In South Brisbane, one of the best in the city is the Riverside Dog Park. As the name implies, it is an awesome location with a long and narrow offleash dog park, right next to the water. 

It is right in the centre of town with no more than 10 minutes drive from anywhere in the CBD. There is plenty of shade with drinking fountains and dog clean up bags provided. What more could you ask for!

5. Decker Park 

The best thing about this Brisbane dog park is not just your ordinary dog park, it is home to picnic and barbecue facilities with some good play equipment for young kids, bike paths for older kiddos, and shaded picnic tables plus a great exercise equipment for your pooches as well! 


This dog park in Brisbane is found at the northern end of the city, about a 30 minute drive from the CBD. The park is at the southern end of the Ted Smout Memorial Bridge at the mouth of the North Pine River.



6. Aquatic Paradise Dog Park 

Here’s another Brisbane dog park that has a lot of space for them to run and play. For furparents, the park has lovely views of Waterloo Bay and makes a great spot for a picnic or fish n chips overlooking the sea. 


You’ll find it in Brisbane’s east, on the southern side of Waterloo Bay about a 35-minute drive from Brisbane CBD. There are playgrounds at each end of the dog park with cycling and walking paths close by.


7. Downfall Creek Dog Park 

One of the largest dog parks in Brisbane with around 4 hectares of space. The Downfall Creek Dog Park has a lots of parking, shade, picnic and barbecue facilities. 


You can also find here the Downfall Creek Bikeway, which winds along the creek of the same name. You will find it on the north side of the city about 20 minutes drive from the Brisbane CBD.


8. Grange Forest Dog Park 

The Grange Forest Dog Park is in the middle of the Brisbane dog park cluster within spitting distance of each other, between Mitchelton and Gordon Park. It is a great off-leash spot to let your dog around complete with benches and lots of shade. 


This is one of about five dog parks just a 20-minute drive from Brisbane CBD.


9. Newmarket Dog Park 

With two separate fenced areas for small and large dogs to go off-leash in, Newmarket Dog Park is well kitted out with dog bags provided. Newmarket is one of the closest dog parks to Brisbane CBD with just about 15-minute drive north west. It is also a family-friendly park with a nearby picnic and barbecue facilities as well as playground for kids.


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